Got the Tickets!

We just bought the tickets to a Prudhoe Bay Alaska! We’ll be leaving San Francisco on the evening of June 19th with our bikes boxed as checked baggage. We’ll arrive in Prudhoe Bay on the morning of the 20th. We’ll re-build our bikes, take a tour up through the oil fields to take a dip in the Arctic Ocean, buy last minute supplies and then start our journey, so that we can camp the night a little ways outside of Deadhorse, along the Dalton Highway


3 thoughts on “Got the Tickets!

  1. Take as many of your supplies as possible, as buying them in Prudhoe is very limited selection. Not sure if policy has changed so unless you pay for a tour, you won’t be allowed to the Arctic Ocean. Anyway, enjoy your trip and stop at the Hit & Run for a sandwich when you pass the 52 mile marker on the paved road.

      • Excellent, glad you will get to do that as most folks don’t realize they can’t just go to the ocean. Of course some think the small lake is it, and are happy. The store is extremely limited in supplies. As you near the Yukon Bridge, I would like to suggest another place to eat. The Hot Spot. It is about 5 miles before the Yukon and has the best burgers anywhere.

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