Day #6 – Coldfoot – 64 mi

Today must have been a happy day for Peter. He rode mostly downhill. Of course, this was a payback for some hard work done in the previous days. He must be having fun, except that (according to the weather forecast) it should be raining all day for three days.

For the first time since Deadhorse, Coldfoot offers a lot of things that remind the traveler of civilization. After 239 miles, this is the first place where food, lodging and a post office are available. It is also the first place that offers gas and a tow truck for those who use such things.

There is a campground and a hotel. There is no fee to sleep in a tent, a shower costs $14. The hotel rooms are located in historic Trans Alaska Pipeline construction crew living quarters, and cost $199 per night for up to two people. Of course Peter loves to use his tent. 🙂

On the picture below, Coldfoot Campground with the hotel.

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 11.45.41 PM

Peter is only 60 miles from the Arctic Circle!


3 thoughts on “Day #6 – Coldfoot – 64 mi

  1. Peter, anything worth capturing with the GoPro camera? You’ll have wonderful stories to share….maybe there is a book in your future? Stay well and continue the journey.

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