Day #8 – Yukon River – 59 mi

Peter (or his GPS) played tricks on us today. At 8 pm there were no track messages coming so we thought he turned off the device and called it a day. We wrote a blog entry about the difficult terrain (see the left part of the figure below) and how he only accomplished 37 miles. We even found a not too interesting sight he passed (Finger Mountain) and gathered information from Wikipedia, just to be able to write about something.

At 9:30 pm his Spot started sending messages again, form a location further south. Peter was still on the road, and (as we saw first thing in the morning) did not stop until he reached the Yukon river at 2 am. Another milestone of his trip. Now he is 126 miles away from Fairbanks where he will reunite with Janos.


Below you can see how the road inclined for the first part of the day, then how it declined as getting closer to the river. The screen shot on the right was taken in the morning after Peter crossed the Yukon. We still date the post as 6-27-2014.





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