Day #11 – Fairbanks – 27 mi

Peter arrived to Fairbanks and reunited with Janos. He also was able to call home, first time since he left Deadhorse Airport 10 days ago.

Peter is completely exhausted. He says the Dalton Highway was much harder, physically and mentally, than what anything he had ever experienced, including the entire 2012 Cross-Country trip. He will take a few days rest in Fairbanks, to rehydrate, to build himself back up nutritionally, waiting for the swelling on his knee and both feet to subside.


One thought on “Day #11 – Fairbanks – 27 mi

  1. Glad to hear Peter is reunited with Janos in Fairbanks. Sounds like there might be a potential book or article Peter might like to produce once back home. We are sure there will be more stories to tell that might not reach the GoJudoka blog. Take some time off, discover Fairbanks and share more of your experiences.

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