Day #3 – Dalton Hwy – 37 mi

Peter is going strong. He did (37 miles/60 kms) today. This is way less than what the daily average needs to be, but the Dalton Highway is by far the most difficult part of the trip. They should be able to make it up later on the paved roads.

Janos says, on Saturday they met a herd of caribou. They animals slowly crossed the road so they had to stop and wait until the last one got across. They counted 63 of them.

Day #2 – Dalton Highway – 40 mi – updated

There is no way to communicate – all we have are the coordinates provided by their Spot. These show that the brothers spent the night at “Last Chance Wayside”, which (according to some internet research) is a rest area equipped with an outhouse.

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 8.39.07 AM

Last Chance Wayside, Dalton Hwy


We learned from Janos that on this afternoon he caught a ride from a friendly truck driver also heading down the Dalton Highway. All the equipment needed by Peter to continue to push on was transferred to him, and for now the boys’ paths parted. Janos decided to hitch hike ahead to Fairbanks where the paved road starts, and wait for Peter to complete the Dalton Highway and meet him there. There is good phone service in Fairbanks so we could talk in details.

Janos wrote in his text message: “Peter and I had to make a tough choice, but it was the right decision for me to hitchhike ahead. I was not prepared and I was overconfident in myself, and this resulted in circumstances that if unchanged would jeopardize the trip. This wake up call showed us that going ahead to the end of the Dalton Highway was the best decision for both my sake and for the success of the journey as a whole.”

Day #1 – Prudhoe Bay, AK – 19 miles

0620-landed0620-3 The brothers had to wait for their last flight connection from 12 am to 8 am. This plane took them to Deadhorse, next to Prudhoe Bay which is part of the Arctic Sea.

Peter said: “Almost canceled flight to Prudhoe due to weather” “34 degrees, 20 mph wind” “Bikes packed, met two bikers going to Valdez.”


They put on several layers of warm clothes and were ready to start their journey. Janos is wearing the official jacket of the Blind Judo Foundation, and you can discover the yellow sticker on the frame of each bike.

As soon as they left the airport there was no communication available. Looking at the Spot map, we estimate that they rode about 20 miles on the first day.





Day #0 – Bikes Packed, Ready to Fly – updated


After the interview we packed up the bikes. This morning we were doing last minute preparations and checking and re-checking out to-do lists. Finally the bags are checked in and we are ready to fly to Prudhoe Bay!



UPDATE: Peter and Janos changed planes in Portland, OR, and spent the night at the Airport in Fairbanks, Alaska.

IMG_0777 copy


Fairbanks at Night: 2:00 AM.


Welcome to Alaska!

Joint Camp Training

Last night we had a joint camp with our Dad, (Imre) and Andras, our brother. They are training to kayak the Yukon River this summer. They were testing their new tent as well as sleeping bags, and we were sharing some of the previous camping experiences we gained from the 2012 cross country trip. Hopefully we’ll have more of these joint camp nights. For more about Imre and Andras’ kayak trip click here.