Day #15 – Arnold – 51 mi

Janos is at 756 miles which is half of the Seattle – San Diego distance. He is at day #15, which is half of the 30 days planned for this trip. He is right at schedule.

Janos’ original plan was to only follow Highway 101 until Highway 1 starts, then ride on Hwy 1 on the shore. But he changed his mind after talking to several people. He met a fellow bicyclist who was traveling from south to north. The young person said that Hwy 1 is really dangerous for bicyclists. There is no shoulder and there is only one lane for the cars in each direction. Big trucks have no chance to change lanes, they must pass the bicycle rider very close. In comparison, 101 has a wide shoulder, and cars/trucks are able (if willing) to stay far away. As an additional bonus, 101 is 50 miles (=1 day) shorter and has less mountains to cross.

Other people Janos talked to, backed this opinion. A truck driver confirmed that he had a hard time driving on Hwy 1 and a couple who were hitchhiking also felt that Hwy 1 is not a good choice. We had Janos consult his brother and Peter agreed.

It is a very hot day. Janos 0719purchased more water than usually. He was being “grilled” form up and down, as he could feel the black asphalt radiating the heat.

Today’s elevation profile looked pretty ugly, but Janos said it wasn’t that bad after all, as the inclines were not too steep.

At the campsite Janos “befriended” some ducks that were making a lot of noise and were following him everywhere.

One thought on “Day #15 – Arnold – 51 mi

  1. I’ve driven Hwy 1 in CA and it’s a beautiful scene out to the ocean. But I have to agree, it is very narrow especially for bicyclers. Good choice in choosing Hwy 101. In all cases “caution” is the word…..Continue the journey and enjoy the ride. You are making a differnce and are greatly appreciated. Regards, Ron

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