Day #16 – Cloverdale – 57 mi

0720-1Janos expected a great day riding declines for most of the day. “I hope there will be no headwind” – he said. There was plenty, enough to make it a less wonderful day.

The campground charged $50 a night for a tent,which Janos did not see as acceptable. He rode on for a while and spent the night at the side of the road.

“The wind was howling and it was really hard to go against it, but at least the weather wasn’t hot” – he said.


2 thoughts on “Day #16 – Cloverdale – 57 mi

  1. Hey Janos, you are pretty fast on that bike !! I was just telling Ashton today that I was worried about you riding on Hwy. 1 because there is no room for bikes, plus cars. I was happy to read you decided not to take it because others told you the same thing. (Sorry for the mothering, or being controlling, depending on how you look at it. Ha) Really, I just want you to get back home in 1 piece cuz everybody cares about you. I heard a rumor about your current whereabouts, as in back in town……. the safe haven of family and friends……. before resuming the second half of your adventure, hopefully with Peter.
    God Bless. You’re in my prayers.

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