Day #17 – San Francisco – 78 mi

Janos is 86 miles away from San Francisco. This is where Peter will join his brother and together they will ride to San Diego, finishing the North-to-South Cross-Country trip.

Janos could do the distance to San Francisco either in two easy days, or could accomplish the 86 miles in one day. He chose the second option. This way he saves a day (and also the cost of a campground-night in an expensive area).

His plan was to ride on Hwy 101 and over the Golden Gate Bridge, as we discussed in a previous post. He felt it would be safer than Hwy 1. Unfortunately the law doesn’t agree, and Highway Patrol stopped him and sent him off 101. The best route seemed to be to ride to Vallejo, then take the ferry to SF.

Janos is so close to home. He wanted to see his father who just had arrived back from his Yukon kayaking trip the other day, and he just couldn’t pass a nice homemade dinner… Janos decided to take a break and spend one day with his family. His bike could use some attention, and the rider would enjoy sleeping in his own bed instead of in his tent (or on the streets) as most nights in the past month.

Peter picked up his brother close to the SF ferry station. On Tuesday they will work on their bicycles and prepare for the next section, about 930 miles, all the way to San Diego. They will leave Wednesday morning.

One thought on “Day #17 – San Francisco – 78 mi

  1. Why aren’t the best routes for bikers determined ahead of time, factoring in needed time on route, traffic and safety, possibly closed for repair, or where it is illegal to ride the bike for safety reasons? To me, it seems this would make riding time more efficient .

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