Day #18 – San Francisco – 0 mi

This post is written by Janos:

Now that I have a little time today, I decided it would be a good idea if I wrote today’s post myself. Both to give my mom a well-deserved break, and to thank all of our followers who are helping us throughout this journey and in our effort to raise awareness for our excellent cause.

The main goal Peter and I had today was to prepare for the last leg of our journey. This included preparing both our bikes and our gear. Also, given that this section would only take around 14 days, we could take many liberties we couldn’t allow ourselves up to this point, in both the environment of Alaska and during my trip from Seattle. For example, we only need to take light clothing because of the good weather we are guaranteed to have, and since the areas we will bike through are much more densely populated than before, we don’t need to be as cautious with maintaining our supplies of food and water, not to mention the heavy bear-proof boxes and our numerous water filtration systems which were imperative up to now.

We started this morning by tuning up our bikes. We adjusted everything on our bikes from the brakes to the derailleur, and cleaned and oiled all of the creaking parts. In a few hours of work our bikes were ready to go. Next, we gathered all of the gear we needed to bring, both new and previously used, and made sure it was all in good shape. This included cleaning panniers, and filling water bags with a baking soda solution to get rid of any strange tastes or smells.

After preforming these necessities, and several loads of laundry, Peter and I had all of our things packed and ready for the next two weeks. We were both very pleasantly surprised by the decreased weight of our total setup. Before now, both Peter and I had to carry four panniers hooked onto our bikes as well as have gear strapped behind our seats in order to have all of the necessary equipment. Now, however, we both managed to fit into only two panniers each. Thankfully, our total weight is much less than it was before. This means less weight to haul up mountains, and less air resistance slowing us down on the other side.

Luckily, I even had a bit of time left to meet up with people I missed most while away from home.

Now that we’re both ready for the leg of the journey thats left, our brother Andras will drive us up to San Francisco early tomorrow morning. Once there, he’ll drop us off at the precise spot where I finished my solo section coming from Seattle. From there Peter and I will continue on together.

Once again I would like to thank my mom who spent every night for the past month staying up and writing our blog, allowing us to communicate with all of you. I would also like to thank Mr. Peck, Coach Cahill and everyone else at the Foundation for providing us such an excellent cause we can be proud to support. Finally, I want to thank all of you reading this and all those who leave comments in helping to support us, the bikers. Your thoughts are much appreciated.



The Blind Judo Foundation bracelet, that the blogger has been wearing since day #1 and pledged not to take off until both father and sons are safely at home.


3 thoughts on “Day #18 – San Francisco – 0 mi

  1. Janos, I am so happy that you got to spend a little time at home. Stay safe on your travels to San Diego with Peter. It’s good that you two brothers can finally again travel together. I read the blogs every single day.

  2. Janos, great summary and opportunity to take the helm with blogging. Your Mom has done a wonderful job in keeping everyone posted which probably has helped with being a caring Mom thinking about her boys and your Dad. We can’t say Thank You enough for all the family is doing to bring attention to the blind and visually impaired of the Blind Judo Foundation. You all are the greatest!

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