Day #20 – Santa Cruz – 58 mi

The brothers got up earlier than usual to be able to charge their phones. In the morning they made good progress, then they lost some time because of bike problems. First Peter’s chain got somehow between the front gears and he had to take it out in 2-3 pieces. Later he had a flat tire to change. They had tacos for lunch, and again found a hiker/biker campsite for the night.

It was a hot day. Peter’s knee still hurts, it gets neither better nor worse. He decided to have a healthy diet during the trip: he pledged not to drink sodas, and tries to get most of his calories to come from whole grain carbs.

Peter sent several beautiful pictures today. He spent five minutes waiting for the best shot in the bottom left picture. We were not able to pick just two or three, rather we posted most of them as thumbnails. Please click to enlarge.

0724-4                      0724-9            0724-1

0724-3      0724-2      DCIM100GOPRO

0724-5      0724-7      0724-10

2 thoughts on “Day #20 – Santa Cruz – 58 mi

  1. I love these photos Peter, you have a great eye for composition. Thanks for sharing them for all to enjoy !!! It inspires me want to jump in the car and drive over to the coast and take some pics myself. I especially love the one with the sun coming up over the tent with the mail boxes peeking thru. I imagine Janos is happy to have you with him and I wish you both safety with the wind at your backs the rest of the way.

  2. What no Subway! Great pics along the way. Looks like knees are starting to show some wear-and-tear…. Stay well….we are appreciating all that you are doing.

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