Day #21 – Monterey – 42 mi

Peter and Janos had breakfast in a Subway restaurant (why 0725-1are we not surprised). Janos loves the fresh bread and veggies, and he can select whichever kind of meat he is in the mood for. For Peter Subway is the best choice because he is a vegetarian, and most other fast food chains don’t have anything but french fries for him.

As they arrived to the restaurant, Janos’ odometer showed 1000 miles. Who knew there was a Subway restaurant exactly 1000 miles from Seattle Airport! šŸ™‚

The brothers are taking Hwy 1. Some sections are open for bicyclist, but some are not. The boys successfully left a few such sections behind, but shortly before reaching Seaside, Highway Patrol required them to leave the highway (and to make sure they do so, they followed them with flashing lights for two miles).


One thought on “Day #21 – Monterey – 42 mi

  1. Surprised Hwy 1 was used based upon other comments about the dangers. Great to see the police using their lights as caution to others. Continue to be safe.

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