Day #24 – San Simeon – 42 mi

No communication until the afternoon, when the brothers passed a small town and we had a chance to exchange a few text messages. They confirmed what we already knew:

– This is the first time in a day and a half that we got phone reception – said Janos.

– My knee is pretty bad, that’s why we take it easy while in the mountains – said Peter. – Here a few pictures, I will tell you about them later.

Unfortunately as soon as they left the populated area, we couldn’t communicate any longer.

UPDATE: Late in the evening, Janos spent 10 minutes climbing a hill so that he could have “1 bar”, and would be able to call home. 🙂

He told us about how in the past few days they have been more or less riding together with several small groups or bikers. Two middle aged women, an older man, a newlywed couple, two older women, and another man – they sometimes go faster or slower than the Kabai brothers, but Peter and Janos still meet at least a few of these groups each night as they settle down at one of the hiker/biker campgrounds. We already heard about a long conversation with someone the other night, but we didn’t realize that there are several groups and that they keep bumping into each other every night.

The 10 bikers actually had a party tonight. They assigned who was responsible for what: hot dogs, buns, condiments, dessert, etc., and they were hoping everybody would actually arrive to the San Simeon campground by the evening. Janos was their cook, he BBQ’d the hot dogs for everybody, using a piece of foil, and two spare spokes as tongs.




One thought on “Day #24 – San Simeon – 42 mi

  1. I’m so glad to hear the guys are doing well, except for the knee pain, and meeting all the various bikers along the way. Sounds like a lot of fun !!! Loved the story about Janos climbing for 10 minutes to get a phone signal. I so enjoy reading the updates !!
    God Bless you all,

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