Day #25 – Pismo Beach – 58 mi

Peter and Janos had left the mountains behind their backs and now they have a chance to start making up for the lost mileage.

Janos’ knee was grateful for the better terrain and hurts much less. Peter’s knees aren’t getting better yet. We were wondering, how come that two years ago the brothers accomplished 3886 miles while riding from New York to San Francisco without any knee pain, and now they are both having problems. Janos had an answer. When they ride on very steep inclines, even the lowest gear (of their fairly inexpensive bikes) does not give enough torque: they often have to pedal while lifting themselves up from the seat. This is how Peter had hurt his knees on the Dalton, and Janos did the same while riding solo from Seattle. Until he realized that this was bad for his knees. Anyway, the hardest terrain is behind them, and the brothers know better now.

The campground they were looking for, did not exist. They rode back North about three miles to another one shown on the map; that one was closed. Back to South, they found a private hiker/biker camp site.

The two top pictures (of Peter) were taken by Janos. The three bottom pictures are from Peter.

0729-1          0729-2

Step 1. Broken tent pole                       Step 2. Temporary solution
0729-3 0729-4
Step 3. Aluminum tube bought at Home Depot:
Tent pole is good as new! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day #25 – Pismo Beach – 58 mi

  1. What the boys have accomplished so far is awesome but to continue worries me that they may be permanently damaging their knees. They are young and could be setting themselves up for trouble down the line that could keep them from further adventures. If they are pushing on in pain, they may be distracted from other safety issues. They have already proved their dedication to their goals. Just want them to think of safety first.

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