Day #27 – McGrath State Beach – 57 mi

As Janos and Peter woke up they0731 admired the beautiful scenery. Ocean, palm trees, even the fog looks beautiful.

They had authentic Mexican food for lunch.

When riding in a tunnel, the pavement was unexpectedly wet and Janos probably rode a little too fast in the turn – the back wheel turned out from under him and he fell. He says he slid about 10 feet on the ground on his side. He got a few abrasions on his knee and his elbow, but luckily nothing bad. The scratches burned a little but they got better when he had a chance to wash them. His bike is OK too.

By the end of the day they got some tailwind once again.

Two of the men from the party group the other day stayed with the brothers all day long. After taking care of some shopping, Janos and the others prepared and enjoyed grilled salmon at the campground.


2 thoughts on “Day #27 – McGrath State Beach – 57 mi

  1. There’s nothing quite like the beauty of the coastline and seeing it from a bike is so much better than whizzing by in a car. Its good to hear everybody is having such a good time and the salmon on a grill at the end of the day…..OMG!
    You guys are blessed !

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