Day #32 – Cardiff – 42 mi

Peter and Janos had to cross a marine camp. 0805-2aThey have been worried about this, what if they were not allowed to enter? That would mean a long detour. But there was no problem. They had to show their IDs at the entrance, and everything went smooth.

0805They arrived to the hiker/biker campsite early afternoon, and had to wait until 4 pm to be able to check in. “Since then we have just been sitting here waiting for tomorrow” – said Janos.

The brothers were trying to choose a 0805-1spot in San Diego that would be a nice place to finish their trip. They selected Old Town San Diego State Historic Park. This is where Janos’ 33 day long North-to-South Cross-Country trip, and Peter’s 15 day long Pacific Coast trip will end. The map to the right is a screen shot of the text Janos sent to us. The red pin shows their destination. Their brother Andras and their sister Anna will meet them.



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