Stocking the Bear Containers

Today we filled our bear containers with enough food to last until we have the opportunity to buy some more along the road. These 7 Liter grizzly proof containers have enough food to last us about five days.



Joint Camp Training

Last night we had a joint camp with our Dad, (Imre) and Andras, our brother. They are training to kayak the Yukon River this summer. They were testing their new tent as well as sleeping bags, and we were sharing some of the previous camping experiences we gained from the 2012 cross country trip. Hopefully we’ll have more of these joint camp nights. For more about Imre and Andras’ kayak trip click here.


Got the Tickets!

We just bought the tickets to a Prudhoe Bay Alaska! We’ll be leaving San Francisco on the evening of June 19th with our bikes boxed as checked baggage. We’ll arrive in Prudhoe Bay on the morning of the 20th. We’ll re-build our bikes, take a tour up through the oil fields to take a dip in the Arctic Ocean, buy last minute supplies and then start our journey, so that we can camp the night a little ways outside of Deadhorse, along the Dalton Highway


Ready to Start Training!


After over a week of cleaning, rebuilding and replacing worn out parts, both bikes are good as new and we’re ready to start training! In 2012 we trained 2,400 miles before the 3,700 trip. This trip is a little shorter but it starts out with the Dalton Highway, a tough gravel road, and to prepare for that we need to train at least 2,000 miles before the trip. For more about the 2012 trip click here.