Day #0 – Bikes Packed, Ready to Fly – updated


After the interview we packed up the bikes. This morning we were doing last minute preparations and checking and re-checking out to-do lists. Finally the bags are checked in and we are ready to fly to Prudhoe Bay!



UPDATE: Peter and Janos changed planes in Portland, OR, and spent the night at the Airport in Fairbanks, Alaska.

IMG_0777 copy


Fairbanks at Night: 2:00 AM.


Welcome to Alaska!

Hit and Run

Peter has been in a biking accident but is ok. He was training a few blocks from home when a DUI or distracted driver hit him. He hit the hood of the car and then slid on the gravel shoulder of the road. With no broken bones we consider him to have been lucky. The bike will need some repairs too.

UPDATE – April 23- This morning Peter went to the ER, his road rashes were cleaned and he got a tetanus shot