Day #33 – San Diego!!!! – 22 mi – Total 1518 mi

Peter and Janos were close to their final destination. By 11 am they arrived in Old Town San Diego State Historic Park.

The brothers started their journey on June 19th in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Their original goal was to ride their bicycles all the way to the San Francisco Bay, about 3600 miles. The first section of the trip, the 414 mile long Dalton Highway proved to be much, much harder than they expected. This is dirt road, and a recent 3-day rain had turned it into a mud-road. That, combined with freezing cold and wet weather, was more than what Janos was ready to accomplish. After a day and a half he decided to skip the Dalton Hwy and caught a truck ride to Fairbanks, AK.

Peter was determined to finish the Dalton, and in 10 excruciating days, he did. But knee pain, dehydration other health problems caused by this trip took out all his energy and  he decided to give up on riding across the wilderness of Canada. The brothers decided to change the rest of the route into a North-to-South Cross-Country trip.

Janos waited for Peter in Fairbanks for more than a week. The first few days (including his 18th birthday) he spent on the street, until he found some nice people who gave him shelter, and also something meaningful to do. After learning about Peter’s change of plans, Janos felt that he wanted to try himself and wanted to do the cross-country trip by himself. Peter was going to join him after his knee would heal, until then he headed home.

Janos flew to Seattle and started his solo trip on July 5th. He rode alone to San Francisco, where Peter joined him. The brothers finished their journey in San Diego this morning. Their third brother Andras and their sister Anna picked them up. The siblings will spend another fun day in San Diego and Los Angeles, and should be back home on Friday.

Thank you, Dear Reader, for following the brothers’ stories. Thank you for all the comments. If your haven’t done so yet, please also take a look at Peter and Janos’ New York – San Francisco 2012 trip and their father Imre’s Yukon 2014 trip at

Each of these adventures were fundraisers for the Blind Judo Foundation. Please check out their website and if you can, send them a donation. Every little amount helps.

Thank you. 0806-2

Janos has been wearing bicycle gloves for 33 days. Look at his tan!   Total Distance: 1518 miles.
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